Your Child's Home Away From Home!

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We will give your special ones the special attention they need.

Happy to be part of their first year of life

Our program helps children establish a strong foundation.

Build a love for learning, a healthy body,

and responsible choices.

Enroll your child.

Babies are fed on demand or according to your direction while being held or rocked.  We chart your baby's eating, sleeping, and diapering times daily so you are informed about your child's day with us.


Our infant room is filled with colorful and interesting things to see and do. A wide variety of toys are provided to stimulate your child and provide new sensory opportunities.  Our teachers will talk, sing, and read to your child each day.. Rolling and tummy time provide your infant time to develop strength and increased mobility.


We pride ourselves in keeping a sanitary and clean environment for your baby. Your child's health is a priority at Child's World.

You can trust us!

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Since 1989, we have been offering day care and educational services to wonderful children, like yours!

A specially trained infant caregiver will make sure your child's  needs are consistently met.

Your baby's first year of life is an amazing time of growth and discovery.  We realize the importance of the choices you are making for your child's future.


Our Infant care is designed to give your precious bundle lots of love and attention, security and stimulation.

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