Your Child's Home Away From Home!

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Your Toddler's day will be filled with many different activities.

Our teachers regularly join children in play, modeling appropriate behavior toward others and challenging them to create and explore. Teachers recognize the success of students and use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior and future accomplishments.

Our program helps children establish a strong foundation.

Build a love for learning, a healthy body,

and responsible choices.

Enroll your child.

The alphabet, shapes, colors, and numbers will be introduced through the senses. At circle time, a variety of stories, songs, finger plays, and games will capture your child's interest in learning. Daily art projects will reinforce concepts that are learned during group time and provide the sensory activities that toddlers love.        


Our goal is provide an environment that is equipped to promote active learning. A wide range of materials and types of play are provided for your toddler. The following are opportunities your child will have in their classroom:

You can trust us!

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Since 1989, we have been offering day care and educational services to wonderful children, like yours!

They are sure to have a great time with our fun activities.

Guide them through their growing years

  • house and dramatic play

  • sensory table

  • science and discovery

  • outdoor activities

  • blocks

  • small manipulatives

  • free art

As your child becomes ready, attention is given to potty training. Table manners, health eating, and hand washing are emphasized.


A toddler activity sheet will be sent home to keep you informed about your child's day with us, including diapering, potty training, and sleeping habits.

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